Advanced Censor Bot

Message filter, Edited message filter, even nickname filter! Censor Bot has it all to keep your discord server nice and free of curses :)

Bot 100% Hand Programmed
by Julian Berryessa

Censor Bot


What is the help command


How to allow cursing in certain channels

Set the channel to NSFW

How to turn on/off the filter

Use +on and +off

I'm getting an error message about the log channel

Run +setlog in a desired log channel

I found a word that shouldn't be censored

Run +ticket [word that shouldn't be censored] and a staff member will get on it as soon as possible

I am banned from using the ticket command

This was most likely from overuse of the command, if you believe this was a mistake join the support server

Can I add/remove my own words

If you know an ACTUAL bad word to be censored DM the owner! However if you have a very server specific bad word, use the +filter command!

Censor Bot
+help : Displays this list
+ticket: Submits problem straight to helper/owner
+support : Sends invite to support server to DMs
+stats : Displays Censor Bot stats
+inv : Sends link to invite
+invite : Same as +inv
+github : Displays the github link
+ping : Gives Bot Latency and API Latency
+kick : Kicks Specifed User (+kick for help)
+ban : Bans Specified User (+ban for help)
+update : Displays the most recent update to the bot
+jsid : Displays the unique Censor Bot Identifier for That Server
+vote : Gives link to vote for Censor Bot On discordbots.org, It really helps!!
+on : Turns on chat filter
+off : Turns off chat filter
+donate : Donate towards the development of Censor Bot