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I'm getting a Set Log Channel error.

The bot MUST have a log channel set in order for any settings commands to work, and you must set it to stop getting the
Error no log channel found! Do +setlog in the desired log channel message. To do so you must:

  1. Choose a channel to set as your log.
    All curses, and setting changes, will be logged into this channel, it is suggested to NOT set this as your #general chat / normal communication chat
  2. Go into said chat, and open start to type a message
  3. Type in +setlog and then send it!
And voila, your log channel is now set to that channel, and should no longer give you an error.

Allow Cursing In Certain Channels.

The bot can be configured to ignore certain channels. This can be done by turning the channel in question, to NSFW. (You will need the Manage Channels permission to do this) This can be done by:

And voila, the channel is now NSFW, and the bot will no longer censor things in that channel!

Turning the base filter on and off.

The base filter (the filter that is made when you invite the bot, the default) can be turned on and off, be it you just don't want to censor anymore, or you only want to use custom words. This can be done by:

And voila, you've now toggled the bot's base filter!

How can I add words to the filter.

If you have an actual curse word that isn't clearly supposed to not be censored, it is suggested you DM the owner the word. Though, if there's a word you'd like to add to your server only, there is a way! :

How can I remove words from the filter.

If it's an actual word that SHOULD NOT BE censored, run the +ticket command, for you specifically some words on the filter don't fit onto your server and that's perfectly fine, but wait! You don't have to remove the bot, we have a method of uncensoring the words you'd like uncensored! You can do this by:

Making my own fully custom filter.

If the add words nor remove words, is what you're looking for. You can completely customize your own filter, to take advantage of the nickname censoring, and countless algorythms, there is a way:

  1. Follow the guide on toggling your filter and turn it OFF
  2. Follow the guide on adding your own words and add all of your own words!
  3. Enjoy!